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GIANNARELLI is an International Events & Communications agency based between Florence, Italy and Melbourne, Australia. GIANNARELLI predominately work with private clients and luxury fashion brands on a global scale. 


We offer a range of services, including Luxury Styling and Management for Events and Wedding, Pop-Up Store Design, Visual Merchandising, Graphic Design, Interior Design as well as other creative services. We work on a global scale, having organised events and projects in almost every major city in the world. 


Living and working in Florence for five years, Priscilla and Chantel Giannarelli have organised a vast amount of events and special projects for private clients and luxury fashion brands within Europe, as well as vast amount within the Florentine city itself. 

Upon returning back to Australia, Priscilla and Chantel teamed up with their mother Maryanne Giannarelli as another Director. Maryanne has vast industry experience in Bespoke Interior Design, Architecture and Product Design. 


GIANNARELLI as a company, have built up a reputation worldwide having consistently working, creating and growing long-term relationships, allowing the team to become experienced professionals within their field.


In Europe and in particular Florence, GIANNARELLI have prestige access to the highest knowledge of event venues, catering, event suppliers, accommodation, entertainment, etc. which all assist in making any event up to the highest luxury standard. 


GIANNARELLI is known internationally for it’s bespoke aesthetic within their events and projects for luxury brands and private clients worldwide. 

For reasons of discretion, no examples of previous work are published on this website. 

Please contact us for further information.


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